May 9, 2004

Evil, Magic, Satan Dogs from Heaven

Yesterday was not fun. Today was.

After cleaning my house in frenzied anticipation of spending my evening curled before my laptop, finally working on A Darkling Plane, avoiding my webpage obligations, I discovered the laptop covered in cola. One little dog, name of Bacon, had gotten himself up onto the coffee table, and overturned a cup of coke.

Now the laptop was dead.

I spent the remainder of the evening both fuming and waiting on hold with customer support. I accomplished nothing, particularly relief of stress.

So, I'm pissed at Bacon all night.

This morning, I woke up at around 9am, which is bizarre. I took Bacon outside, and it was the most beautiful day of the year, which was bizarre. He mopes, behaves, and does his business right away, which is bizarre.

When we get back from the walk, and I go into the kitchen to make some coffee. He slinks into the corner of the couch and lays down.

Five minutes later, I come back out into the living room, and he's up on the coffee-table again - and he's licking the laptop! I push him away. But, just out of curiousity, I open the laptop - and it's ON. And now, it works.

So, I was able to write all day today, on my steam-cleaned carpets, curled up on the floor. I made solid progress, two egg-salad sandwiches, and a bowl of beefaroni. I walked Bacon three times in beautiful weather, downloaded my first song from iTunes (Come Dancing, by the Kinks), and packaged up Blaring Static for Mr. Producer in California.

In short: Yesterday was not fun. Today was.