May 7, 2004

Twenty Feet Less Dead

Besides arriving half-an-hour late for work, entirely due to hiding beneath the covers for an extra half-an-hour this morning, little has of note has happened today.

However, I used the lull in irritations to work through a pretty extensive revision of my short screenplay, Twenty Feet Less Dead.

I feel unusually positive about the characters -- and unusually lost at resolving the story. The premise and plot that motivated the creation of the characters is entirely useless to them now that they're speaking on their own.

Once again, I've sent it out in search of responses. This weekend I will be putting together another screenplay packet to Fed-ex to a producer in Los Angeles. I will be trying to build some momentum on A Darkling Plain, and tinkering with Misplaced Planet's website.

Monday, with my cast, I will be viewing another draft of the short-film I directed and wrote, Anniversary Dinner.