Sep 4, 2004

Momentary Engineering

Momentary Engineering is wrapped. It ballooned to a $10,000 shoot. Massive. Overwhelming. Exhausting. And absolutely wonderful. We were blessed with a better cast than I could ever dream. The D.P. and gaffer, though sometimes on the slow side, gave us spectacular lighting. Box-trucks full of equipment. Parking passes, permits, and the RNC protests.

Now that it's gone, there is a vacuum. This is what I want to do. This is why I write screenplays instead of novels. To see my story inspiring these people, to see them all excited and working their asses off in 120 degree humidity, until 8 in the morning -- that's what keeps me going. These moments are brief, and the work is hard, but what else could I possibly live for?

I am sad that I'll be moving to Los Angeles before Misplaced Planet can produce another short. I am particularly interested in co-directing a short with Shaun Boyle. However, soon enough, there will be bickering and squabbling amongst the team. Everyone wants to write. Everyone wants to direct. This was a magic sweet-spot, and I can't change my future plans based on the desire to work with these people -- that was what got me to NYC, to do Ladies and Gentlemen.

About that. Little story. I recently received a letter from Slamdance about the Ladies and Gentlemen screenplay. Some good ideas for improvement. Very positive. (They think I should find a name actress or small producer to champion it. I love recommendations like that. They also recommended that I grow a third arm from my forehead and learn to stand on it.) But. Since they estimated the cost to produce it at less than $10 million (I estimate it at less than 1 million) - they recommended producing it myself. At least in part. To shop it around.

Funny that. I thought the same thing.

Shame on those NYC kids. Shame on them for letting a good thing die. And shame on me for allowing it to happen.