Oct 18, 2004

Lithium Bromide

I am feeling wretchedly untalented this evening. In response to a bunch of screenplay synopses that I sent to a producer, who requested said synopses, I received the following message:

"It's hard to tell, based on your synopses, whether I would like to read the scripts or not. They could all go either way, be fascinating and brilliant, or somewhat bromidic. That can be a good thing, you make me curious, but people with little time, might put you back on the stack."

For those who aren't certain, here's what I think that means:

bromidic adj 1: dull and tiresome but with pretensions of significance or originality; [syn: corny, platitudinal, platitudinous]

To make myself feel less like a complete jerk, I did what I often do: I made a list of things I have accomplished. My list looked like this:

This is a very pretentious and, ultimately, silly list. I decided I had better start anew. So I've been working on a new short script. This is what I have so far:

And this is a picture of some e-mail I got:

I thought it was appropriate. This entry proves that I'm a big dick in action.

And, just to finish off my photo fun (which prevents me from having to write), here's a picture from explodingdog.com called stupidwords.

I'm off to smoke and wonder what became of everyone.