Jan 11, 2005

Goin' to California with an Achin' in my Heart

When I awake in the morning, I will be leaving for Los Angeles.

Wish me luck. I will need it, just to get there. And once I get there, I will need it more, to find an instant apartment. And once I have an apartment, I'll really start needing that luck, to make the most of the chances I'm given.

 So, again, Wish Me Luck.

Jan 9, 2005

Happy Birthday Bacon!

Today was Bacon's second birthday! I made it back to Millville just in time to wish him a happy one. He was very excited. He was given a hamburger for dinner, by my mother. Now he is snoozing. Here is a picture.

Jan 8, 2005

Internship Update

We would like to offer you the intern position and thank you for your patience through this whole process. We would like your first day here to be on the 18th of January.

Jennifer Graff
Niad Management

Ergo, life has become crazy. Ever tried to arrange an apartment and a cross-country move, 3000 miles from home, while working 14 hours a day? I'm going to arrive home on Monday night. Wednesday afternoon, I drive off for a new home.

Jan 4, 2005

Internship Update

"I am still going through resumes. Wendi and I will come to a decision by the end of the week. I hope the job in Vegas is going well and you had a wonderful holiday.

Jennifer Graff
Niad Management

Here's to hoping. In other news, tonight I had buffalo wings and a belgium waffle for midnight dinner, alone in Las Vegas. I sat at the bar, smoked two cigarettes, had one whiskey sour, and got stared at by a woman seated beside a fat older man. I took a shower, and Joan Rivers still represents everything I dislike about Hollywood, and perhaps even America: plastic surgery, snarky obsession with appearances, celebrity without talent or creative output, bad jokes, and nepotism (see Melissa Rivers).

Jan 3, 2005

The Thumbs Are Too Big!

The first time I stayed in Vegas, the room wasn’t ready at 4:00 PM. They checked me in anyway, and I was greeted by a completely wrecked suite. A party had been held by the previous occupants. There were streamers, deflated balloons, and several disposable stryrofoam coolers, floating full of melted ice and empty beer cans. The bathroom was an explosion of drink-mixing aftermath.

This time, our flight from Philly was delayed, and then late in arriving, getting us here around 11PM, local time. The Flamingo messed up the reservations, so I’m bunking with my brother, instead of him with my father. And better. When we walked into the suite after midnight, it still hadn’t been cleaned.

I’m trying to decide which time was worse. This time, all over the carpet, we had several bottles of shampoo, opened and drooling on their sides. And, of course, there was a used condom, carefully laid across the telephone receiver. A gift to housekeeping. And me.

Unfortunately, waiting for a sanitization team wasn’t a big problem. The morons scheduling this shindig wanted us to work right then. So, we slogged off to Caesar’s, where we started removing Christmas trees and garland, the same I put up a month ago. Wrapping them in plastic-wrap. Driving them across the entire complex. Loading them into a trailer. As it started to rain.

We did that for 10 hours, local time. Which meant, I was up for 28 hours. Now, after a slender eight of sleep, I’m back to work in minutes.

And it’s been a cold, desert rain, ever since.