Apr 1, 2005

Agency Slavery

The interview with Linda McDonough went very well. But, as I've said many times before: that means I won't get it. Par example: I thought that the Niad interview, and the Hospital interview, and the transcription interview all went terribly. I got all those jobs. Yet -- no mere online journal could sustain the weight of the many interviews that I thought went swimmingly. And I got none of them.

Anyway. After parking and peeing in the Beverly Center, I walked to their orange building on lovely, busy La Cienega. Their office was upstairs and across from a little theater stage, which they also own. The air conditioning was broken. It was stuffy and smelled old. I waited and read about dogs.

The interview. We talked for about 45 minutes. We got along. I liked them. They were honestly interested in Darwin's Kids and my thesis, A Kingdom by the Sea, and with my hospital work too. But I soon sensed that they had their hearts set on someone who'd "worked in the trenches" as an agency assistant -- one of those poor, ill-treated slaves, whom I hope to shimmy past paying my dues as. Anyway, I pray that I've paid my dues elsewhere. Perhaps while putting a giant Santa Clause hat on a reproduction of Michaelangelo's David, in the middle of a Casino floor.

Afterward, Jennifer called to get feedback, and my suspicions were confirmed. My ability to read people remains on target. They were very impressed with me, but I won't be getting the job.

I don't want to have to work at an agency.