May 14, 2005

Trying not to Feel Old at 25

I suppose the meeting went well.

Traveling 3000 miles - by plane, train, and automobile - builds an event up beyond what any could really acheive. We decided that a partnership will be formed, and Misplaced Planet will become a legal entity. And we decided that we will do something. Write the script in the next six months, begin filming in a year or so. I hoped that a decision would be made about what that something should be, but it's been officially left to Caroline and me to create something for everyone to rally around...

Cusp of Aquarius? Ladies & Gentlemen? The Jumpers? Storybook Park? Short films?

If it works out, writing with Caroline could be very positive.... I would no longer face this daunting task alone... The vague goal of writing something "that people will like" becomes more surmountable with a fresh perspective... with someone to like it or dislike it as passionately and personally as I might... It is the minimum amount of teamwork possible, but it may be more than enough.

Meanwhile, back in the practical world of LA, I have decided not to pursue the internship/job at York Entertainment. Alli is there. It is her world, her connections. I need to have my time. To sort things out. To seek my own path. To register my car. To transfer my license. To test the progress I've made and see where it takes me. I am following pure intuition.

This remains, as always, a time of transition - a time of vague, protracted beginnings... Working with Caroline may restore my ability to believe, by having my lot thrown in with another. Misplaced Planet may grow into something meaningful, given time.

Time. Time. Time. Given infinite world, and time. Everlasting.

May 11, 2005

How I'm Feelin' / So Revealin' to me

I feel like I'm waiting on my execution, but the Governor is an old friend of mine, so I'm hoping he remembers the good times, and gives the warden a call.

May 9, 2005

On Fumes to the Old Coast

Back in New Jersey for a week. Trying to sort out my brain. Divide into keep, sell, and trash. Put up peg boards. Fold winter clothes into rubbermade. I've been getting a low in LA. Emptied. Starved for encouragement. To keep writing.

I met with Caroline on Saturday. Got trapped in my apartment for an extra hour or two when the garage gate broke my way. And I'm right there with the pun.

She says she's in for the Misplaced Planet Partnership. Says she's interested in both Cusp of Aquarius and Ladies and Gentlemen, but until her midnight calls begin waking me with ideas, I can't help feeling on my own in here.

Thursday, I'll be meeting with her, Shaun, Benni, Zak, and Stirling... I can't even figure out what I'm going to say... How was it that I used to make these things happen? What is there to say? I want to make movies. I want to stop getting shot down. I want to care wildly about something. To do it, I need some energy in return, because I'm emptied.

I'll tell about the daunting duties that face me when I return to LA.

May 1, 2005

My Haiku

and do nothing else
you need never hear the same
picture or painting