Aug 11, 2005

Good Guesses

So, I guess I got a job.

And I guess I start Monday.

And I guess it's not too far of a drive, and they won't make me pay for parking, and it's full time, and it's enough to pay all my bills, with a tad to spare. So I guess I should be pleased.

But I wish I could get over this week's intense case of writer's block. I'm going to take a break from Storybook Park, I believe. At least until I get more feedback, more inspiration. It feels too much like beating my head against a wall, and I don't want to kill it. Caroline should soon be back from Peru and points beyond, meaning I can return to work on Insignificant Others.

Meanwhile, I've been working on the Misplaced Planet Website. Once I have that in a presentable shape again, I'll move on to cleaning up my own website... Don't know why. Guess it counts as a hobby.

Aug 9, 2005

And Probably Will Be For Life

It's becoming pretty clear, I'm not the piano man.

It's becoming pretty clear, I'm the real estate novelist, who never had time for a wife.