Nov 15, 2005

The Interviewer

I wrote the following in my head last night, when I couldn't sleep.  It's about my job.

Sometimes the Interviewer interviews six people a day.  Some are mothers looking for work, for a little extra cash, while their children are at school. Some are actors who want evening hours, so their days will be free, for the auditions that they're sure will soon be calling.  Some are new arrivals, seeking a foothold in the city.  

The Interviewer is new to the city. Interviewing is his foothold.  

Many of those new arrivals that he interviews soon find themselves in exciting footholds somewhere else, and they turn down the boring foothold that the Interviewer offers.  

The Interviewer wonders why he never got any of those exciting footholds that he was interviewed for.

The Interviewer hires transcriptionists to type what they hear.  What they hear is Entertainment.  Some raw footage from reality television.  Some broadcast news.  Some DVD bonus material.  But mostly, celebrity interviews, promoting this movie or that TV show, discussing this production or that memory, recounting how their career first found a foothold. 

In those transcribed interviews, the celebrity always has a name.  

But the interviewer is always just called "INTERVIEWER."