Mar 31, 2006

Getting some Potato Chips

Today I'm very excited about getting some potato chips.

Here's my plan. One big bag of kettle cooked, hopefully BBQ or jalepeno. Another big bag, Ruffles, ridges, Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream. I want to eat these with a frosty can of Coke. Sit on my bed and watch West Wing DVDs.

I have successfully gotten up before 7:00 AM for three days now. The mornings have been pretty productive, but right now, I'm in agony. I'm staying awake by will power alone. I move by the power of prayer. It seems, just as in high school, my body simply doesn't give a damn how many hours of sleep I got, if I make it move before 9AM, it's not cooperating. It will have its revenge.

There's some promise on the dating front, or at least, there's someone who perhaps accidentally got my hopes up. This is promising -- promising to be very disappointing in a slow, sinking disappointment way.

Meanwhile, the producer didn't like my proposal for Hell Froze Over, but liked the writing in the sample enough that he wants to meet with me once he gets back from Cannes, so he can explain what he wants for the project more thoroughly, and have me write another sample.

Yippie! I get to do more free work!

I haven't told you anything about this project, but if course, I think he's wrong about Hell Froze Over, and will tell you about it soon. Maybe I'll even link the proposal, since it's now officially mine again. Rejected!

Maybe tomorrow I'll go see Brick. I hear it was done for half a million, because they filmed without lights, mostly in daylight. I also hear it's playing at the Arclight and in some place called "Manhattan."