Jun 18, 2006

Between Gears, But Still Moving

I've gotten a good bit done over the last week or so.

I finished a revision of Zaniness Ensues, my blog codename for the short that I intend to film, my big plan to break in as a writer/director, and I'm pretty happy with it. The old crew seems to approve, and the guys at work also approved, which was a surprise and a relief. I feel very good about it, and as a thank-you, I spent too much time today working on a "Paul Giamatti War Machine" animation.

I also finished another segment of the Just Us League Behind the Scenes, though I'm still waiting on interview footage of Benni and Shaun, and also Shaun's brother's video footage. I'm hoping it will fill out the early parts of the day, where I have gaps.

While laying around, I worked out a few kinks in my mental outline for the feature-length version of Zaniness Ensues. It will tap into some experiences of my own, and give the story a nice twist.

Structurally, I've been thinking a lot about ten-minute segments...

Since it will be part of a plan to get myself an agent, I hope I'll have the will and motivation to actually complete this feature, the first I've started from scratch in more than a year. My progress on Ladies & Gentlemen has been stalled by a sense of futility, which may be accurate. The same sense stopped Burying Amelia Waverly about six months ago, immediately following the failed revision of Storybook Park, whose failure had Gordy Hoffman telling me to make something marketable, which gave birth to Zaniness Ensues.

It seems that my productivity relies on the project fitting into some sort of larger plan. This is not romantic, but probably for the best.

I could have gotten more done this weekend, and more done today in particular, but have felt rather sluggish. I saw Nacho Libre yesterday, which wasn't bad, but hasn't left much of a lasting impression on me. I spent the rest of the day on Behind the Scenes editing and uploading. I await feedback. I also bought a new set of speakers for my computer, so that I can finally hear what I'm listening to. Thus, I spent too much of today listening to "News from Lake Wobegon." Laying around. Feeling stuck between gears.

I should have started work on the Just Us League website, but didn't want to get caught up in that big of a project. Such things swallow me whole, make a day vanish in a snap, and I needed rest. Thinking room. Being productive means getting sick of sitting at the computer. So, I made several visits to my bed. I had pleasant, dirty dreams. I failed to do my laundry. I ate hamburgers and hot-dogs, smoked cloves and drank beer. I trimmed my bangs and walked the dog. I reflected in my live journal, dreaded going to work, took a benedryl, and went to bed.