Jun 9, 2006

Time and Thought

Our new short film (J.U.L) is up and running at the dvxuser.com contest, HeroFest. Embarrassingly, the forum discussion about it has been consuming more of my time and thought than it should. Which is to say, it's gotten some time and thought. It doesn't deserve any at all.

Meanwhile, I've been editing the Behind the Scenes footage for the same, and it's been going slowly. Yes, it's all digitized, which is an achievement. But I've only got about a minute of edited footage, and I'm still waiting on a tape from Shaun's brother. I must be patient. I don't want to go too far before I've seen the footage available on that tape. My method doesn't easily allow for last-minute entries. Things get too tightly interwoven to easily revise.

Which is similar to the problem with Zaniness Ensues. Apparently, an inherent problem of the fast-moving, interwoven style that I like so much. A problem I'm going to have to teach myself to solve.

And that's where most of my time and thought has gone of late. Struggling unsuccessfully with the script for our next short, the one I'll direct, Zaniness Ensues. I think it's quite good, and it has the potential to be a real crowd pleaser. Plus, it's well without our budgetary constraints. We can do it right.

But I'm just not satisified with the ending. I've been writing, tinkering, stressing, pondering, relaxing, but still no real breakthrough. The final movement just doesn't live up to the rest of the script, and it's got to exceed it. I need it to go somewhere unexpected. I need it to hit home. I've got to nail it. And I haven't yet.

So that will be my weekend. Editing footage and rewriting against a vast unsolved problem.