Oct 18, 2006

Big Exciting Newness Abounds!!

If you haven't heard from me lately, it's probably because I've been locked away in the lab, putting together something special.  And now it's ready.  It's called Transmission from Sedna, and it's a two-disc DVD set, featuring all the short-films I've been working on over the last three years.

They're professionally packaged, and the main disc is pressed from a glass master – not burned – which means it's an investment that will last, and last, and last, something you'll hand down generation after generation.  Because DVDs will never go out of style.  Never.

On it, you'll find full-resolution versions of all our best shorts, Momentary Engineering, Antebellum, Home Team, Brains!!!, Signal Decay, Just Us League, Home Front, Home Movie, and more. There's over 90 minutes of stuff on the first disc alone, and it's all short and sweet enough to watch while you eat a midnight snack.  There's commentary on most of the films, which is almost as thrilling as actually talking to me. You'll get deleted scenes, alternate scenes, and trailers – all presented with beautiful animated menus. Plus, you'll find detailed Behind the Scenes documentaries for Signal Decay, Just Us League, Antebellum, The Men You've Killed, and Helicopter Theory, which means you'll actually see my smiling face, something unlikely to happen any other way this holiday season.

To top it all off, you'll find the world premiere of Anniversary Dinner, which I wrote and directed, a wicked, twisted short, and Misplaced Planet's first official production, shot in 2003, recovered and re-edited for this collection. You can't see it any other way. 

And, best of all, every thin-dime earned goes directly into the coffers for our next major production: Zaniness Ensues, written and directed by me, starring Jess Temple and Matt McNutt, and filming this January.

Go here to order it online: http://www.misplacedplanet.com/shop

PS: If you buy the full set, you don't have to get me anything for Christmas.