Jan 21, 2010

Now Open for Comments

comics throwing typewriter.jpgIt was pointed out to me that most of the posts here were not open for comments. I made the default setting "no comments" during an unreasonable flash of self-defensiveness. Apologies.

I started this blog primarily to speak with myself and get my brain writing, despite being seized up by lack of nicotine, but I also decided, perhaps impulsively, to share it with a small, trusted group. I've been thinking about it, and the best stuff ever made was fashioned through input from small groups of trusted persons (or by selective pressures on genetic traits). Denying comments on this blog might help my self-image, but it silences a source of potential challenge and contribution.

And so, comments are welcome. They are encouraged. They can be blunt, smug, and even nasty. I have always been a believer that the best comedy bits are born when typewriters are flung in anger during its conception and gestation. It helps if John Cleese is flinging Steve Martin's typerwriter at Tina Fey in Sarah Silverman's living-room (also, they're all in their 30s, and have sex afterward), but I suppose some ungentlemanly comments on a blog will suffice in a pinch. And we all live in a pinch.

But be warned: I own the content of your comments. I will make a fortune off them. Or be ruined by them. In either case, the consequences are mine.