Feb 12, 2010

Marketing Pitch

Chase has posted one of the below advertisements on Pico Blvd, where I am pleased to view it daily, first-thing in the morning, on my approach to the Fox gate:

It says - CHASE: Almost as many ATMs as unsold screenplays! (exclamation point mine)


Well, that tickled me so much that a whole bunch of other, similar slogans came to me. I wonder if some of them are already part of the campaign.

Anyway, here are a few of the slogan ideas I came up with, following the same general theme!
CHASE: Almost as many ATMs as still-born babies! 

CHASE: Almost as many ATMs as elderly widowers, quietly contemplating suicide! 

CHASE: Almost as many ATMs as abandoned family pets, wandering the streets alone tonight, wondering what happened, what happened, what did I do wrong? 

CHASE: Almost as many ATMS as things you never took the time to tell him. 

CHASE: Almost as many ATMs as middle-aged women who, sighing softly, have finally accepted the hard truth - he's the best she will ever do - and so, she settles for this man, this man who always greets her - with a wedgie. 

CHASE: Your money was not enough. Give us your dreams. GIVE US YOUR DREAMS.

PS: I actually do think the advertisement is mildly funny - in exactly the same way that mine are substantially funnier.