Feb 5, 2010

Taking Stock 2010

Feature Screenplays
2002: wrote Intelligence and Ladies & Gentlemen
2003: wrote Blaring Static and Bad Blood (aka Occult Blood)
2004: wrote A Darkling Plane (aka Burying Amelia Waverly)
2005: wrote Storybook Park (moved to LA, January 15th)
2006: fail
2007: wrote Zaniness Ensues
2008: wrote Voodoo
2009: wrote Gravedigger's Son and Unpredictable
Short Subject + Episodic Scripts
2002: fail
2003: Anniversary Dinner, Billy Bump
2004: Momentary Engineering, Antebellum, 20 Feet Less Dead, Tumble Dry
2005: Hit & Run, Brains!!, Signal Decay, Alien Ignorance
2006: Just Us League, Space Fax, Zaniness Ensues, Perversity & Wine, Zoe
2007: Security Deposit, Creative Comments, Business as Usual
2008: Batteries, Packages, Obama and the Red Phone, Hell Froze Over (8 episodes)
2009: Last Tank, Negative Space, Monstrous Mistress
2002: Kingdom by the Sea, Darwin’s Kids Graduation Special, The Div III 
2003: Ladies & Gentlemen (failed)
2004: Anniversary Dinner, Momentary Engineering
2005: Antebellum, Brains!!
2006: Signal Decay, Just Us League, Space Fax
2007: Zaniness Ensues, Business as Usual, Security Deposit, Firejaw
2008: Batteries, Obama and the Red Phone, Hell Froze Over (10 episodes)
2009: Negative Space, Packages