Feb 25, 2011

I'm Half Naked Over Here

man_in_bathing_suitI've opened the window, and I'm making love to the world.

So to speak.

It's bikini season, boys, and though it took a lot of hard work and tedious preparation, I'm proud to say, I'm finally in shape. I'm going out shirtless.

Keep in mind, now, I'm not entirely naked.

Some of my best assets are hidden. I've assigned codenames to all my most attractive screenplays. Older and abandoned screenplays remain exposed, but if they get too much industry attention, too many ogling eyes, I'll cover those up too.

I've given pseudonyms to most of my good business associates, and removed references to most of my bad business associates. Real names are never used, except in the case of friends, family, and people that I own.

Similarly, I've taken down all the intimate details and scenes that I'd previously posted from my writing projects. In the future, I will probably continue to post details and draft scenes from new and ongoing projects, but I'll take those down too if the project ever goes to market.

As a result of this policy, some posts on this blog will have a short and unpredictable lifespan. Here's a tip: if it's a scene or a detailed discussion of a particular plot point, save it to your Zip brand storage drive. Otherwise, you might lose it forever. Like everything I ever saved on a Zip brand storage drive.

So what's left on the site?

I've keep a lot of deleted and abandoned scenes from my recent screenplays. I like them, they just didn't fit. And I'm going to keep sharing that sort of thing. In fact, I'm going to make a habit of digging up and posting an old or deleted scene on a regular basis. So there will be new, exclusive, fun stuff.

I also intend to take down my old website.  It hasn't been updated since 2003, so I don't expect too much public outcry.  I'm going to point that old wilderworks.com domain to this blog, instead. And, just for giggles, I'm going to post some of the more unusual items from that forgotten website (and other forgotten web treasures from my past) right here.

Starting with...