Feb 28, 2011

More Codenames!

Giving my screenplays and associates codenames was so much fun, I've decided to continue assigning codenames to everyone in the blog. At this point, it's no longer to protect the innocent (In this case, I would be the innocent, and the protection would be from litigation).  Rather, it's just for fun.

This is my friend and current roommate Dump. We met in college, lived together briefly in Harlem, and then moved to Van Nuys in 2005. She is a partner in Misplaced Planet and is presently a Production Coordinator on a new TV pilot for Fox.

This is my girlfriend Beezie. We've been dating for about two years, and we're trying to move in togethere. We also met in college, but we weren't close at the time, and then we didn't see each other for about six years. Finally, we met up again out here in Los Angeles, I gave her a small role in Zaniness Ensues, and she continued to avoid me.

This is my dog Baker. He's a Fox Terrier. He was born on January 10th, 2003, which means he is 49 years old. His whole life, he has never held down a steady job. One night, circa 2003, I drove home from Princeton, having been unexpectedly dumped. Upon waking the next morning, I was greeted with a rejection letter from NYU. In response, I got a dog. He was the only terrier present, and he chewed on my mother's ring. So, I named him after a fictional dog in one of my screenplays, and now he's lying on the foot of my bed, needing a bath rather badly.

That will be all for now. More as needed.